What do we mean by AI Comics and AI Art?

AI art must be involved somewhere in the creation of your book. Whether that is composite work, using AI in combination with digital art, AI art for the backgrounds, or generating entire panels and pages. As long as AI is used somewhere along the way, you’re good to go.
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Comic books/Manga: Minimum of 16 interior pages, plus the cover (17 pages total ). 

Graphic novels: 48 pages or more.

Short stories: Minimum of 16 interior pages. At least ½ of the book has to be AI Art. This could be chapter starts, story points, characters, costumes, weapons, and anything/everything that brings your story to life. The story should be a minimum of 5,000 words. The layout is up to you. Full page text or partial page text, as long as ½ the book is art.

Poetry Books: The format is not locked in, however one page per poem and one page of art for that poem. The poem can be in the art or on a sperate page. The book must be at least 16 pages when complete.

Hybrids: This is a great time to experiment in telling stories. For example, a story that mixes comic pages, short story, and poetry. The story must be cohesive.

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