About us

Our site started with some of the first AI comic books. These comics included Zarya of the Dawn, Lung Flower, Stoic #1, and others. They were created with the earliest versions of Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and Dall-e. The artists, writers, and programmers who created these works were excited about the potential of text-to-image generation. The idea of being able to describe in words what they were imagining, and then having an AI interpret those dreams, fueled their storytelling passion.

These initial books are the first in the history of text-to-images generation, and although crude, their creators are the vanguard of storytelling with AI art. Since their inception, AI technology has moved at a blistering pace. Image quality and the ability to understand language have become almost unrecognizably better since the publication of the first AI comic books in 2022.

This technology has given millions of storytellers the ability to create in a way never before possible. Although the site is AI Comic Books, we are excited to include Manga, and will soon be promoting short stories, as well as poetry books.

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