Ai artists are going to become part of the work force and here are several reasons why.

Getting the image, you really want.
The instant success of virtually everyone that tries text to image art generators is overwhelming and some would say even a bit addicting. Your imagination is suddenly fee to explore anything and everything without limits or restraints.
That of course is what is fueling this massive explosion of images, thoughts, concepts and probably things we cannot even think of yet, however that once the initial infatuation period is over and the amazement wans a bit, the reality of using the tools start to come into focus
Text to image is primarily a conceptual tool. Its excels in rapid conceptualizing and idea testing to say the lease. However when it comes to things such as accurately depicting an object from all sides, and or getting image results with very specific instructions for revisions, its fall short.
What does this mean?
This means that after the initial infatuation stage, for those that are trying to make specific things or tell specific stories or do things other than conceptualize it can be frustrating. A person is compelled to learn the details about prompt engineering, such as weights, aspect ratios and how they effect image creation, styles, quality levels, image to image, blending images, seeds and the list goes on. The point of course being that is not quite as easy as it first looks. This is great news for AI artist that really refine their skill sets and can deliver the best images, that are as on task as current technology allow.
But learning the prompt and language associated with it is only half the equation. The other half is the rapid evolution, deployment and deprecation of software and software platforms. There is literally an explosion of companies, making text to image generators, and more getting funded every day. With the venture capitalists speculating that the ai related software is a trillion dollar market and Microsoft has just invested 10 billion dollars into, the path ahead could even be exponential in the next several years. This new advent of technology promises to touch virtually every aspect of our lives.
Why are ai artist going to become part of the work force? Simply put, virtually every product created is visually designed, and the ai tools for designing are going to require people with specialize knowledge and experience to get the best results and that….has real value. Businesses pay when real value is delivered.
Images are of the retro futuristic toaster.

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