AI Art Comes to Game Development.

AI Art Comes to Game Development.

Lost Lore, a development studio, has found a new and innovative way of saving money. The company’s founder, Eugene Kitkin, explained how they utilized artificial intelligence (AI) to save over $70,000. They did this by using the AI framework Midjourney image, which was used to create the game Bearverse

Three weeks ago, Vlad Martyniuk, the developer, conducted a research and development project with Midjourney. He fed a reference image into the AI and then refined the results step by step. The final images were beautiful, but still needed some refinement and revision by the designer. However, the use of AI saved a lot of time for the studio artists.

Kitkin explained that AI can’t make a game map, but it can create layouts of items, styles, and content, especially in areas where there is no interaction with other people. Bearverse was based on the concept of AI, and Kitkin estimated that its use could optimize the mobile game development process by 10-15 times while still delivering comparable results.

For example, in Bearverse, it took the team over a week to create and polish 17 characters and various UI elements. Previously, it would have taken a minimum of 16 hours or two and a half days of work by several specialists to create 17 characters.

This significant reduction in cost and time is why many experts believe that the use of AI in video games is becoming increasingly unavoidable. The ability to save money and streamline the development process is a major advantage of utilizing AI in the gaming industry.

Lost Lore has shown that the use of AI can bring many benefits to the development of video games. By utilizing AI, they were able to save over $70,000 and streamline their process, making it more efficient and cost-effective. With the growing importance of AI in the gaming industry, it’s clear that this technology will play a major role in shaping the future of gaming.

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