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AI Comic Books Becomes the First Comic Book Publisher Dedicated To AI Comic Books.

(Las Vegas Nevada, 10/26/22) AI Art (Artificial Intelligence) is here, and Ai Comic Books is proud to announce that, in addition to being a free resource for both AI Comic book creators and readers, it will be publishing print runs for distribution into comic book shops.

“We have partnered with an established comic book publisher to bring AI Comic Books directly into retail comic book stores. It is incredibly important to us at AI Comic Books to show this new story telling platform directly comic book fans at the stores. We want people to be able to read the stories and see the amazing art.” Comments Jeff Weiner, Founder of AIComicBooks .com

“AI Comic books and Graphic novels submissions are open and we excited to see the incredible books being submitted. AI Art open a world to creative writers that has simply never been possible in the past, it empowers the imagination to create in new ways.

The site was set up to promote AI Comic books as a new art form” Says Jeff Weiner, founder of AI comics. “Writers are now empowered to create and tell stories as never before. We want to encourage the making of these comics, comic series and graphic novels, promote awareness of and provide a place for people to get amazing stories and art.”

AI Comic Books ( has many complete comic books and graphic novels that are free for anyone to download and read. These books range from supernatural to horror to overcoming inner challenges.

There are no fees or charges to the creator to add their AI comic books or graphic novels, nor are there any to the reader for downloading and enjoying it.

“We would like to let all creative writers know that this is a new and exciting tool for them to tell stories and that, when their books are complete, there is a place for them to submit and be promoted and possibly published in print .” Concludes Weiner